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Aloha! Meet Astrid!


Aloha! My name is Astrid Fasciano. I was born and raised on the big island of Hawaii. After graduating from Remington College, San Diego in 2008 i have held Massage Therapy Licenses in California, Colorado, North Carolina and South Carolina. I am also a certified Medical Massage Practitioner. Certified in level 2 Reiki, and Cupping.  I'm extremely grateful to bring awareness of the body and healing to every individual who gets to experience Touch of Aloha!

Aloha! Meet Rebecca!

Aloha! Meet Rebecca!


My name is Rebecca Beaulieu and I graduated from Empire Massage school in the state of Maine in 2008. I have held licenses for Massage Therapy there and in South Carolina. I practice a wide range of modalities and love what I do. I customize every massage to meet my clients needs and I'm confident they will always leave feeling refreshed and happy.

Aloha! Meet Sarah!


Well hello, I am Sarah Murdock graduate of Miller-Motte college in Conway SC. As a licensed Massage Therapist I practice Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy, Prenatal massage, and Hot stone therapy. My goal is to help relieve the clients anxiety, stress,and pain enabling them to live a healthier life. I'm ready to help clients achieve balance through Massage Therapy

Aloha! Meet Jhoanna!


My name is Jhoanna Corona and I graduated from Miller Motte Technical college in Conway S.C. My passion is helping my clients live a healthier lifestyle.  By relieving pain and anxieties through techniques I have mastered, my clients leave with a balanced body and mind.

Aloha! Kim McMillan!


Hello my name is Kim I started Massage Therapy in Greenville, SC where I became certified at Greenville Technical College.  I trained in several modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, and Trigger point therapy.  I look to blend all modalities to fit each client's individual needs working towards better health, stress and pain relief . I have enjoyed working with so many talented therapists in the spa industry over the past 10 years!

Aloha! TJ Weeden


Greetings! My name is TJ Weeden. I have lived in Myrtle Beach since 2006. I graduated from Strand College of Hair Design in both esthetics and massage therapy.  I am Reiki level 1 certified specializing in energy work. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Prenatal, and many more modalities. I have had 2 businesses and raised 8 kids. My dreams have come true and I enter the second half of my life with so much more understanding. My goal for all my clients is to help them heal from the outside in. 

Aloha! Christy Crayton!


Hello, my name is Christy Crayton.  I graduated from Strand College of Hair Design in Myrtle Beach as a certified Massage Therapist.  I studied a variety of therapeutic massage modalities including Swedish, Hot Stone, Sports Therapy, Trigger point therapy, and Deep Tissue. As a massage therapist, I believe massage has many benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  I have personally experienced the benefits of massage therapy.  I strive to help my clients leave every session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Aloha! Amy Turner!

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HI! My name is Amy Turner and I graduated from Miller-Motte Technical College in July of 2014. I currently hold a massage therapy license in the states of South Carolina and Florida.  I am certified in prenatal, Swe-Thai massage and the Bellanina Facelift massage.  I enjoy blending eastern and western techniques in my massages in order to give each guest a customized experience.  I am always studying and practicing new techniques and will easily shift between modalities depending on my clients goals and needs.

Aloha! Yvette Pavlick!

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Aloha my name is Yvette.  I’ve been a Massage Therapist since 1983.  I’ve held licenses in NJ, CA, and SC.  I started my career in CA working for the university of CA football team. I’ve worked with CrossFit athletes.  My certification include Medical Massage, Myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue, prenatal, Shiatsu power points, acupressure, and reflexology.  I strive to help my clients with chronic pain and injury, working on the fascia, adhesions, and increasing mobility.

Why Choose Aloha?


Massage Therapy is extremely beneficial for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

It's also helpful for:

• Anxiety

• Headaches

• Sports injuries

• Insomnia related to stress

• Fibromyalgia

• Soft tissue strains for injuries

• Digestive disorders

• Circulation

And much more

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